Non-Random Profits Reviews


"AXIOM: "An axiom or postulate is a premise or starting point of reasoning. As classically conceived, an axiom is a premise so evident as to be accepted as true without controversy." This  explanation is taken from the Wikipedia site. The starting point of reason here is "buy low, and then sell high"...there is no controversy regarding that statement. Adopt this premise and then apply the two basic rules suggested in the book Non-Random Profits. I purchased my copy back in 1978 as I started a career as a broker. I can attest to it's validity in application  (since 1978 to today) and urge all who wish to control their financial future, to acquire this book and then doggedly apply the process. If you do so....."you are likely to discover some interesting things about investing and about yourself", as the authors state on Page 1. GOOD FORTUNE!" - D******

"THIS IS A TERRIFIC LITTLE BOOK! Not everyone has time to study chart patterns, or indeed the inclination. But for investor who   appreciate that the INVESTING  game is all about patience will find this book interesting & useful. LONG TERM BASING READY TO  SPRING UP AND DELIVER ABOVE AVERAGE PROFITS." - dg***** 

"My name is Frank P., I have spent many years in the real appraisal field analyzing sll types of real estate investments and even benefiting from several such investments. IIn 1986 I hired Robert Mann to management an investment account for me and immediately doubled my. ., money (in 30 days)  Later I read his Book ,Non Random Profits and found it so interesting and believable I used it to buy several stocks suggested by the book's parameters and made extremely high returns within a year or two. However being a impatient investor I wander off the track and proceeded to do poorly in my investments . I now realize that you need to be patient to make this work I am now back on track Disclaimer: I believed in this system so much I invested $250,000, in Robert Mann's Company. I can be reached at fr********" - fr*******

"I recommend "Non Random Profits" to anyone wanting to handle their own investments. The book shows proven theories on simple investment practices." - ab******

"In recent years, I've been fortunate enough to have met multiple individuals who've been utilizing the simple stock investment methodology presented in "Non-Random Profits" for many years. The long-term results these investors have related to me were so impressive that I started a website based on the NRP book, including an associated stock-picking service. That website,, tracks the success of NRP's "Ideal System" moving forward.(starting January 1, 2013). Mr. Mann has been very helpful to my subscribers, and has shared his experiences freely with the group. I'm very grateful to Robert Mann for his continued commitment to help individual investors produce fantastic results in the stock market!" - Sid Norris -

"I've been reading investment books before I was old enough to open a brokerage account.  Despite getting an early start, a lot of my education in the markets has been spent learning what NOT to do and paying my dues. I've subscribed to many investment research websites, followed many guru's, and have traded actively for many years across a variety of strategies. You name it, I probably have tried it.  Beyond that I have also worked as a professional securities analyst and trader for a number of years. That said Non-Random profits stands out as one of the best methods for compounding wealth that I have come across to date.  In fact it has been one of the most important books I've read on investing since Reminiscences of a Stock Operator. Not only that, but Mr. Mann has been kind enough to go out of his way and speak candidly with me about the approach on a variety of occasions. I will be always grateful for the wealth of wisdom he has passed down to me in his work. There are a lot of folks these days feeling disillusioned with life and see little opportunity in the world.  Well they're just not looking in the right place; if only this book could open their eyes.  Whether you're trying to squeeze out a living or you have substantial assets, this book is a must read.  For me, following the discipline will be my early ticket out of the rat race. My only regret is that I did not find this book earlier in life." - matt.g.c******

"This is one of the easiest systems to apply and the results speak for themselves!" - bc*****